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No End In Sight

Despite everything that has happened Mrs May is planning yet another attempt to force her Dead Donkey Deal onto the statute books. A deal that has already been rejected twice. It is so bad that May initially withdrew the bill to avoid the humiliation of a massive defeat. The next time it came up it got the biggest ever rejection of a government bill in modern political history.


Will it get through at her next attempt next week? If it does that will be the end of any pretence that Parliament represents either the people or what is fair and just. Members of Parliament who let this happen should take the advice of Groucho Marx – I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members – and resign.

But that’s not all. After this next vote Mrs May will head off to EU HQ – it is claimed – to ask for a delay of either a few weeks or a few years! The cynics will think it is more likely that the purpose is to be told what she has to do next …

A delay of a few weeks would be to implement the May-Robins plan – which involves years of transition and sham independence. The delay of a few years would be to start to draw up a different plan – which takes us back to our 2016 position. Both require even more of our taxes to be thrown into the swamp for years and years.

So no Brexit on the promised day and the May-Robins stuffed Dead Donkey will have a law passed to say that it is still considered alive – indeed that it is immortal …

I Don’t Beleeeive It!

Think Of A Number .. Any Number

Borat-160Yesterday the BBC News bulletins were headlining a report stating that EU migrants had added £20,000 million to the UK economy over a ten year period to 2011. Even though this was only aired yesterday the item has sunk out of the news summaries today. Not surprising considering just how misleading the headline was and how many holes were shot in it once in general circulation.

But leaving aside the arguments over what has been missed from the calculations it was the identity of the authors that was quite interesting. The lead name was Prof Christian Dustmann (definitely not Lonnie Donegan’s father) an immigrant to the UK from Germany who has occupied various posts at University College London (UCL) for around 20 years. UCL is conveniently located for any civil servants wanting suitably academic reports on topics they want to avoid tackling themselves.

And the same Prof Dustmann did produce a report on immigration for the Home Office in 2003. It contained the hugely inaccurate prediction that from 2004 the level of EU immigration would increase by just 5,000 to 13,000 a year.

This time his report is issued by CREAM (Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration) – an organisation conveniently located at UCL and lead by Prof Dustmann. Reading along further you will see that CREAM is backed by NORFACE Migration (also located at UCL and lead by Prof Dustmann) and the European Research Council – an agency of the European Commission. The plot thickens.

Agents_Mulder_ScullyNow quite separately there is a long-running story on the Internet known as the Bielefeld Conspiracy. The story involves the unusually low-profile for the German city of Bielefeld. It claims that dark forces and the authorities have created and maintained an illusion that this city actually exists. So anybody claiming to have been to or knowing anyone from Bielefeld must be part of the conspiracy or have been deceived by the elaborate illusion.

And yes .. Prof Dustmann claims at have a Vordiplom (BA) in Business Economics .. from the University of Bielefeld.

Time to call back those very special agents ..


Eurovision Song ContestEurovisionSong2013_160With the odds for the UK winning in 2013 running at around 50 to 1 it’s clear that Bonnie will need a face-saving explanation as to why Believe in Me did not win. So the story has been put out that the BBC’s choice of song is too good to win at next month’s competition in Malmo … But isn’t that the same reason our home football teams use for not winning at the Word Cup?
I lost in Sweden
In the fields the birds were singing
I lost in Sweden
And the day was just beginning, ..

Thermo-nuclear War Is Imminent – The Dear Leader’s threats of mass destruction have evaporated without a shot being fired or even a rocket being launched. And it was interesting to see the reaction of a senior North Korean army officer when he was asked if the British tourists would be safe with all-out war just hours away. He smiled and told them they were at no risk. So just how many people in North Korea know that these threats are pure propaganda? On brighter note the Dear Leader’s pop CD has been a big hit – selling more copies than there are people in the country – surprising given that the average NK citizen has no way of playing it.

Man3Scotland’s Currency – It’s only a couple of weeks since this was last raised on Grandad.me.uk but things have moved on. Last week Scotland’s Great Chieftain, Alex Salmond, backed keeping the British Pound when he told MSPs that Scotland was bankrolling the rest of the UK with its oil and gas resources, and the pound would face a gloomy future if it was withdrawn north of the Border after independence. He also rejected the possibility of a Euro-style set-up, after George Osborne dismissed a currency union in the Westminster report released a few days before. [The Scotsman]

But today pro-independence supporters called for Alex Salmond to switch horses and back an independent Scottish currency. Making the point that a separate national currency would be essential for any genuine sovereignty.

This continued diet of unresolved independence choices is having a growing effect – with fewer and fewer Scots supporting a Yes vote. And even pro-independence politicians are thinking that Devo Max is the best possible outcome that their supporters can now hope for.

Short of Cash? Then Declare War ..

Those with long memories may recall a Peter Sellers film about a tiny country that decided to improve its position by declaring war on the USA. In the 1959 movie “The Mouse that Roared” the plan was to attack America but loose immediately without any damage but then gain much needed US investment. An idea morphed from what happened to Germany and Japan after World War 2.

Psy-GangnamNKIt seems that this old movie is still circulating amongst the North Korean leadership. And the central plot looks like the basis of the current, daily round of escalating threats from their suspiciously well-fed leader.  The NK official announcements mainly claim that the basket-case country can, and will, destroy anything unfriendly that’s within rocket range.

Today’s claims are that the North Korean rockets are now “in their upright positions” and that “thermo-nuclear war is imminent”. All of this less and less believable hype seems to be aimed to peaking next week. Just in time for the national holiday celebrating the birth of Kim Il-Sung – the Day of the Sun – on 15th April. With nothing much to give the people cause for celebration one plan could to be to blame it all on those war mongering foreigners and call for even greater sacrifices by the people. Alternatively the Dear Leader could launch his new music video dancing to the sounds of mass destruction …

But let’s hope the celebrations don’t go off with too much of a bang – especially when some of those missiles are untested and could go anywhere …


Broken Spring – a reader has pointed us to this article in The Independent from March 2000 – Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – as an illustration of climate predications that were shown to be completely wrong.

We did try to trace more by the article’s author Charles Onians – but The Independent’s advanced search came back with Your search did not match any content. However, as it says in the article, the actual source of the prediction was Dr David Viner, senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit – a unit famous for being cleared of fraud and scientific misconduct after being hacked in 2009.

But this did not prevent The Independent’s original article generating the headline Why British Climate Change Prophets Can’t be Trusted – at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in 2010.