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Get On With It

British politics continues to gyrate in ever decreasing circles through arcane – and somewhat irrelevant – procedures that seem to be designed to make mountains out of proverbial mole-hills.


Getting Mrs May out of office has taken far too long – even when she was clearly making a complete hash of the job. Crazily she has resigned but is still in Downing Street and looking to commit billions of our taxes to her pet projects. Someone has to say no.

Appointing a replacement has already taken weeks and could well run on until the start of the summer break – meaning nothing useful may get done before September. Why does it take weeks for Conversative party offices to vote? Even the Euro elections only take a few days.

By then we will have around eight weeks to the next EU crunch date – 31-Oct-2019 – and the opposition will be pushing for a general election – so it is quite possible that the next Prime Minister could set a record for the shortest spell in office. And the general public will still be waiting for our politicians to honour their promise of implementing our decision to leave the EU that was made back in 2016.

Goodbye May

As the media dedicate entire pages and programmes to the end of Mrs May’s leadership there are some real issues that have to be faced – and very soon.


Will the next Prime Minster actually succeed in implementing the will of the people? Or will they be another establishment front for remaining? Will that PM be a Conservative MP and if so will they last beyond the end of 2019?

The reasons why Mrs May failed and had to go are pretty obvious – a leaving deal that was much more attractive to the EU than to the UK, a terrible general election manifesto and campaign, repeatedly ignoring Commons defeats and not leaving on 29th March as promised to parliament so many times, etc, etc.

However the UK has no new Brexit options to consider and we can only hope that the next Prime Minister realises that there are currently only two options open to us – leave on World Trade Organisation terms or withdraw our request to leave. The idea that a deal agreed by the other twenty seven countries can be replaced by something more attractive to both them and us is just pie in the sky. And if the new PM starts down that route then we will know that the wrong person has got the job – again!

The public has no say in the Conservative Party selection process – but they do in a General Election so let’s hope Brexit gets resolved quickly. Any more delays would spell the end of the public’s patience …

No More May?

It is reported from Brussels that the UK Withdrawal Agreement dictated by Barnier / Merkel and welcomed as a good deal by May / Robbins has now being re-branded as a permanent treaty. A fact not acknowledged by those politicians reporting to the Number 10 command bunker.

For them the agreement is still seen as something that must be forced down the throats of MPs and rushed into legislation before the public can stop it. Then Mrs May can collect her reward and jump ship leaving us Grandads – and our children and grandchildren – to pay for the expensive mess created.

In order to comply with the May-Robbins Dead Donkey Deal the UK will need to stay in the customs union and accept all single market rules and laws, unless the EU relents over the alleged Irish border issue. Almost three years on from the vote and the EU has given no ground on the made-up border issue, so why would they over the next two years? Isn’t the most likely outcome we would remain in the single market and customs union contrary to the government promise that leaving meant leaving?

Also after the likely 45 month period fully in the EU, the UK still would face financial obligations under the Withdrawal Treaty. The bills will be decided by the EU and we will have to pay them. Any attempt to query them would be adjudicated by the EU’s own court! The longer we stay in the more the future bills are likely to be. The £39,000 million figure often quoted is likely to be a considerable underestimate.


Further the Deal creates a category of super citizen in the UK. Since it enshrines the law that EU nationals living in the UK will have their access to benefits guaranteed for their entire lifetimes. So a twenty-something worker from, say, Romania could be supported by UK tax-payers for over 50 years – even if they don’t stay. And it is quite likely that a wife (or ex-wife?) and unlimited children could also be funded the same way. Our grandchildren meanwhile would not only have to pay the higher tax bills but could also face reduced benefits. Problems that did not apply to those EU nationals that will qualify.

And theses are just a few of the examples of how the May-Robbins partnership has foolishly agreed not just to give away so much of the nation’s sovereignty and tax revenues – but to also pay the EU for that privilege.

Hopefully this week’s EU elections will accurately reflect what the people actually want to happen next. And that the message is not spun into support for a different political agenda. Despite a widely-expected people’s vote in support of a no deal Brexit Mrs May is still pushing for a fourth Westminster vote on her bad deal – and still clinging to the idea that she will only leave if and when that deal is passed.

A scenario that so many more of us wish to avoid at all costs. No More May? Let us pray!

Behind The Mask

It has long been the belief – in Whitehall at least – that Olly Robbins used his outstanding intellect to craft a near-perfect withdrawal agreement. One that would keep the UK tied to the EU for long enough to arrange for a re-admission a few years on. And one that would pay more than enough to keep the eurocrats in champagne and cognac throughout – while still claiming to be delivering Brexit.

But recently the image presented of His Ollyness has taken somewhat of a pasting with the story that Mr Robbins was angling for a job in Brussels – along with permanent residency. In fact a very similar story to that circulating about arch-remainer Dominic Grieve with his EU job ambitions and a home in France.

But the real blow to the mask of Whitehall superiority came with the insider view from the EU negotiators that they were dumbfounded by crass stupidity of UK Brexit team.

It looks like he who was made out to be the biggest brain in Brussels is now the runaway winner of the biggest-ever sprout competition.

Mad Bad May

It has become obvious that Mrs May’s madness has now spread to the stage where No Deal is no longer better than a Bad Deal. It is, in her confused mind, impossible to consider!


The strange silence around Westminster – where the TV channels have removed their studios and the rent-a-mob protests have disappeared – warns us that the battle may already be finished. And almost certainly confirms that Brussels have indeed won – through a combination of numbers, strategy and a British side captained by a traitor playing to loose!

It seems that Mad May will cling on to power now that Britain has nowhere else to turn – and without the USA or Commonwealth to help us this time.

So for those that dread the prospect of our grandchildren being ruled by German interests the future is bleak; especially since neither elections this month will get any genuine Leave politicians into power at Westminster. Without them a last-minute reversal seems impossible.

We look condemned to be paying hundreds of millions of our taxes for ever – to fund the lavish lifestyles of the eurocrats and to subsidise the economies of Poland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, etc. Mrs May’s actions will certainly go down in the annals of infamy.

Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!

Mad May

Lots of us will be voting tomorrow in the first election in memory where both main party leaderships are considered toxic by the local voters. In fact so toxic that some local canvassers have decided to simply stay at home rather than face the negative responses on so many doorsteps.


Even Conservative MPs have been seen desperately pushing the message that the local candidates are untainted by their Westminster colleagues. But the public know that it is the local branches that provide support for central office – so local issues are secondary to the need to penalise the leaders for their unpopular decisions.

And what a terrible picture the leaders provide. May and Corbyn are vying with each to see how far from the Leave result they can push the Brexit withdrawal agreement without having guts to state their true objective – Remaining. So now we have the Eurocrats trying to avoid triggering a no-deal exit while hoping for the UK staying on board – and both Westminster parties trying to avoid saying the R-word.

Since the May-Robbins deal really is a dead donkey by now the options available revolve around the speed by which the Mad-As-Cheese Mrs May can be taken away. If it happens this month then it is just possible the EU elections could be avoided – with all their ensuing complications. However the signs are that it would need a lightening bolt from heaven to achieve it in time. This means that the delaying tactics will just keep rolling on.

Beneath the multiple layers of lies Mr May probably has the intention to keep going until stopped by a general election – but we really need to listen in on Brussels hotel bar conversations to be sure.

So now looking ahead to a double mad May – one with two elections and long weekends and the other occupying 10 Downing Street behind barricades.

Meaningful Vote?

This morning Grandad received his voting card for the EU elections – an event that is being repeated all over the country. And an unintended, unnecessary step that is part of a voting process estimated to cost around £109 million.


But just before our politicians dismiss this cost as trivial it is worth pointing out that their failure to leave the EU on the legally defined date means that each of them has wasted the equivalent of £167,000 – out of our taxes.

An amount that would be considered far from trivial if the politicians were held personally liable for their decisions. Sadly the turkeys won’t vote for Christmas so we will have to pay it for them.

However there are some nagging doubts that things are not as they seem. A feeling that what the public are being told is at odds with the hidden agenda. Without access to the plans of the power brokers and advisors we can only speculate. But …

It is unlikely that Mrs May could get her toxic deal agreed before 22 May 2019 or indeed the end of June. It is equally unlikely that the EU will call a halt to the British messing up their plans by enforcing a no deal exit. So the elections will go ahead and the new MEPs will actually take up their seats – and then Mrs May could simply cancel our request to leave the EU.

This action would break her promise to implement Brexit. But with so many of her other promises already broken that would not stop her. In fact what has she now left to loose? Her apparent intention of standing down coupled with having teed-up the defeat of the Conservative party in both local and European elections means that she has already caused enormous damage. In Westminster the Conservatives are already a minority government so the damage can only mount up. An early general election could be forced through and weaken her position further.

In fact some of the hidden fixers may have already taken the view that remaining in the EU would win back some votes, silence the opposition, solve the border issue in Ireland (and Gibraltar) and boost the co-operation of the Whitehall civil servants. Plus those new MEPs would actually have some purpose. It would of course be a betrayal of the majority – but then so is the current mess.

May, May, Go Away

Maybe May will stay ‘til May.
Or maybe she will leave today.
But no one here wants her to stay.
So wave Goodbye and Go Away!


But the reality is – Mrs May will not be removed by the weak and gutless Conservative hierarchy. She will not resign and no one has the fire-power to stop her. This gives her the opportunity to try again (and again) with her Dead Donkey Deal before the next deadline – which will then be extended.

This constant denial of the democratic vote has shown the level of deceit present at the top of British government. And could cause her terrible deal document to be eventually approved – by too many MPs voting for short-term party and personal gains.

The deal that Mrs May is trying to force on the nation requires the UK sign a treaty that she claims is good for the UK. Yet it has so many costs, penalties and strings attached as to be an insult even as the surrender demands imposed upon a defeated third-world nation.

Just consider this first issue – if we sign this treaty we will be locked into the EU and have to obey all its rules and pay all the bills it sends us for a period of at least 21 months, and probably for 45 months if we have not surrendered further to reach an exit agreement at the 21 month stage. This would mean remaining in the EU for at least 5 years from the decision to leave and probably for 7 years. The EU would be able to legislate and spend against UK interests during this period, whilst we would have no vote or voice in the matter … Unacceptable! … more to follow.

National Holiday

It’s St George’s Day – and this year it comes with a promise that it will be made into a national holiday. Sadly the promise is subject to the Labour Party being in government – and is only a promise; not a guaranteed outcome.

The Labour party also promise to make the other three patron saints’ days holidays – as part of their land of milk and money which would blossom if they were in power … But then everyone believes that politicians never break their promises – don’t they?

However back in the present the Labour opposition are instead promoting even closers ties to the EU. More tied than the toxic Dead Donkey deal of Mrs May.

So we should sell our freedom to Brussels in exchange for an extra day off … bargain!