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2G or Not 2G?

The mobile phone has progressed greatly over the years. And for many seniors the level of sophistication and functionality required is easily met by the sort of basic handset that is widely available at a modest price – from just £12.95 at Argos this Christmas. 2GNokiaThey provide calls and texts in a small package that goes for days without a recharge. Many of these phones use what is known as a 2G network – the first of which was launched in the UK in 1992.

And even though there has since been roll-outs of first 3G and then 4G networks many of the older generation have been happy to stick with their familiar mobile phones. A choice that has previous worked fine when holidaying abroad – and avoided the high data roaming changes often incurred by smartphones. That is until recently.

Travelers from the UK to Australia expecting to use their reliable 2G mobiles will be disappointed – as the main network provider, Telstra, closed their 2G network on 1 December 2016. The second largest network, Optus, did the same in a two stage process completed in August this year. The only remaining operator, Vodaphone Australia, will shutdown their 2G service by March 2018. So visitors to friends and family Down Under still using 2G phones should consider picking up a basic unlocked 3G phone on arrival .. at least that will work while there and probably when you get back home as well. That way you are covered if the UK networks follow and start shutting down their 2G networks soon.

Big Apple

AppleCarplay1This week Apple reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2015. And few companies could even dream of the figures revealed. In just thirteen weeks the corporation received $58,200 million in revenue but amazingly made some $17,700 million in operating profit. Not only is that 30% up on last year but it means that Apple has a surplus of around $200 million every day to spend on … anything it fancies. And this cash avalanche is before the over-subscribed Apple Watch hits the high street stores.

So what new product line will get some Apple reimagineering next? One rumour predicts that Apple will build a game-changing domestic motor car – most likely electric powered. But others say that would be a step too far. However the Apple Carplay (right) is something that has already been seen at car shows for over a year. And that might just be one more step towards a car and a corporation where desktop computers are just a memory …

Smart Phones .. Smart Cameras

It’s hardly breaking news – but the cameras in smart phones are just getting better and better. And as a result there are increasing numbers of blog entries along the lines of … wedding photography using an iPhone or photo journalist uses smartphone to record trip around south-east asia.

Smart phone image using HTC Wildfire S
Smart phone image using HTC Wildfire S

So this is just to remind all those marketing types that there is a big seniors market out there – and we would be very happy to test and report back on the fine features of your latest products.

So far Grandad Camera Reviews have only been able to test a basic 2011 HTC Wildfire S (sample above). But now testers are eager to get to work on the latest smarter and better products from Apple, Sony, Samsung, etc.