Weaker and Weaker


Despite the positive result of finally passing into law the EU Withdrawal Act the past 50 more days have lead to a feeling that the British government is heading towards an ever-weaker Brexit proposition.

The most obvious development has been the apparent sidelining of David Davis and his Brexit department by a scheming civil servant we will call Olly The Mekon. A Whitehall insider setting Brexit policy while assisting the Prime Minister down a path that is, it seems, of his own choosing. It was hardly surprising that Davis resigned given the content of this official UK exit plan seems to have been prepared without his involvement. Worse still came the leaked comment by the PM that this confidential UK plan was shown to the German Chancellor before being released to Davis, the Cabinet and parliament. Talk about stabbing everyone in the back!

At this point it is worth recapping some earlier analysis with one telling report being published in 2016, before the Brexit vote, that outlined The process for withdrawing from the European Union.

This civil service document painted a very gloomy picture; mainly highlighting their perceived problems in leaving the EU –
– It could take up to a decade or more to negotiate firstly our exit from the EU, secondly our future arrangements with the EU, and thirdly our trade deals with countries outside of the EU, on any terms that would be acceptable to the UK.
– This long period of uncertainty could have an impact on financial markets, investment and the value of the pound, and as a consequence on the wider economy and jobs.
– Issues such as the rights of the approximately two million British citizens living elsewhere in the EU, access to markets for vital industries, and the status of Irish and Gibraltan borders would all need to be addressed.

And as was said here in 2016, after the Brexit vote, The report may be excessively negative but it does make some valid points. Now any Grandads with a strong commercial background would probably conclude that the best strategy would be to go for the simplest terms agreed as quickly as possible. In fact terms that could be as simple as a polite goodbye with no concessions or commitments. This would put the UK in the same situation as non-European countries and non-EU members like Turkey. ..Clearly a quick and clean separation would sweep away all the uncertainties but it would also upset those that want to hang on to EU membership for as long as possible.

Today it is touch-and-go who will win in the struggle between those representing the views of the pleb majority and those using their higher state of consciousness to lead us all down their path of personal ambition. Sadly the plebs have too few political representatives to get the views actioned. And our superiors seem blind to the prospect of the UK becoming a little more than a colony of the EU.

What a legacy for our grandchildren and truly a Friday the 13th scenario.

ps If you don’t remember the The Mekon aka The Greatest Brain in the Universe then you probably never read The Eagle.

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