Beastly Weather

Apparently we are braced for chilling temperatures and heavy snowfall … as the so-called Beast from the East batters the UK. Even though there were few signs today that any of the local supermarkets were experiencing a run on provisions. And few seemed to think anything special was needed to tide us through the possible travel disruptions and power cuts.

man8Being Britain there will of course be some extreme reactions in both directions; with shorts still being seen outside in tough areas and airlines being forced to cancel flights at airports with no snow. Meanwhile the media will be getting their reporters to the regular vantage points so that they can paint as black a picture as possible for their next edition.

For those Grandads that have seen all this – and worse – before the plan will be to be make the best of the situation – stay warm and have a nice cup of tea. Assuming that the country still has enough working power stations to keep the home fires burning

More Statistics

While the names behind various groups hoping to block the UK’s attempts to leave the EU seem more likely to help than hinder the independence cause, it is the immigration figures that will be a more direct influence.

Borat-160The next set of Government statistics are due out on Thursday and will, most probably, show a slight slowing in net migration. A change that some will try to spin as a disaster for farming, the NHS and everything else down to hand car wash services. Yet the previous figures showed a net migration of 230,000 for the year and even a slight fall would still leave the net total at unsupportable levels.

And while the headline figure is a 230,000 increase the actual arrivals for the year were a more worrying 572,000. And worrying not because of disliking foreigners but because no one is providing the necessary infrastructure required to cope with the growing population. Note it is the whole infrastructure not just housing that is needed – schools, hospitals, GPs, dentists, police, fire, ambulance, roads, railways, shops – and even cemeteries!

A few years ago Grandad proposed that the Government buy up the whole town of Redcar (see Oct 2015) and use it to accommodate the next batch of new arrivals. A solution more desirable than squeezing them into converted garages and garden sheds in some declining London suburb. And if the pro-immigration lobbies are correct then this would not be prohibitively expensive as the migrants are guaranteed to generate more wealth than they require in Government support. The trouble is a town like Redcar could only accommodate around 40,000 people at its present occupation levels. So all the available space in the town would be taken up by new arrivals in just 26 days.

Cunning_Plan_160No worries .. the Government could keep buying up towns – ideally ones in coastal locations that have been in decline for years. This fresh start would convert an under utilised resource into a net contributer to our national GDP. However they would need to purchase at least 16 towns the size of Redcar each year and hope that the present town occupants either left the country, downsized or died-off …

But I guess that we should be grateful that so many see the UK as a desirable place to move to. And despite the economic disaster predictions of the EUrologists it seems that people from around the world are voting with their feet and heading to the UK for a better future … As a result EU figures predict that the UK could overtake Germany in total population before 2050 – but that’s one for the grandchildren to sort out.

Still In Doubt

Brexit Scoreboard 600 days
Another sad milestone passed

Despite the length of time that has already passed the actual date for the restoration of our independence is still in doubt. Will it be on, or even before, 29 March 2019? Will it be after a two year transition period starting 29 March 2019? Will it be at the end of December 2020 as the EU have stated? Or will it be never?

There are some in power who are still lobbying for the never outcome. But when these include names such as Blair, Mandelson and Soros there can be very few with a genuine love for this country that will be taken in by their arguments and promises.

The average citizen must, by now, be disappointed and disillusioned by the actions – or lack of action – of our supposed representatives. The extent to which so many are clearly working against our national interest has even caused concern amongst EU politicians wanting the UK to stay in the club!

And there is no point in Grandad stating how many more taxpayer pounds have gone into the Brussels black hole – you will all know by now that it is many, many thousands of millions that will never be seen again.

Britain should have said goodbye as soon as it became clear that the Europa Projeckt had gained political power over what was once simply a free trade area. But that is in the past and we now need to make the best of our future – for the sake of our grandchildren and future generations.