Barnier’s Bung

The chief negotiator for the European Union, Michel Barnier, remains adamant that British taxpayers will need to pay at least 100,000 million euros to settle what he likes to call the divorce. This, apparently, would not be the only payment but it is the one that is needed to show good faith and start trade talks.

Sweet_Barnier1Quite how far this is from practical economic reality seems lost on Eurocrats enjoying a gilded existence at the public expense. Part of this lack of understanding comes from not translating the vast numbers thrown about into their actual effect on the general public. So time to do some basic maths.

The first point is who would contribute to the 100,000 million euros bill? The obvious options are – 1. everyone that voted in the 2016 referendum; 2. everyone that voted to leave or 3. everyone that volunteered to pay the leaving bill.

Doing some simple sums the contributions that each voter would need to make can be estimated as –

1. Everyone that voted in 2016 – 2,980 euros per person
2. Everyone that voted leave – 5,743 euros per person
3. Everyone that volunteered (estimated at no more than 500,000) – 200,000 euros per person or more

Clearly that final option depends on how many decided that the UK does actually need to pay any such EU bill. And so far very few people have said that we should pay no matter what. In fact it has only been a few, well-known politicians and celebrities that have been pressing for the UK to pay. And even then they expected us, the average citizen, to pay the bill rather than themselves.

So perhaps we should instead try a fourth option – one where everyone that wants to make a voluntary contribution can donate cash or their spare holiday euros. Then the UK negotiators can offer the EU whatever has been collected has a true reflection of how much the British people think EU membership is worth ….

When To Go?

With Prince Philip standing down from official engagements at the age of 96 and rumours of a plan for Charles to take over as Prince Regent when the Queen reaches 95, the wider retirement age question is back on the social agenda.

Young_Mr_GraceCertainly the issue of retirement age needs to be addressed for both MPs and the noble Lords. With no apparent restrictions, the average age of our lawmakers in Westminster seems to be drifting ever upwards.

That young militant Dennis Skinner took his seat in 1970 is still sitting there 47 years later. He will be 90 at the end of the current parliament. And no matter how good a job he has done for the voters of Bolsover there must have been someone else in the local party that would have welcomed a chance to represent the constituency. With Ken Clarke also taking his seat in 1970 and scheduled to stay on until 2022 clearly there seems little to discourage MPs staying on well past the national retirement age.

But the geriatric make-up of the House of Lords is quite amazing – with the official figures stating that their average age is currently 69! Meaning that – on average – the entire house could retire with immediate effect .. A dream scenario that would speed up the procedures of government no end. And certainly something that would make Dennis Skinner happy for the rest of his days.

From The Captain’s Table

Since well before the vote to leave the EU there have been attempts to discredit those in favour of separation by portraying them as ill-educated plebs who don’t understand the great European vision.

CaptainBlogsYet few of the pro-EU voters who were interviewed by the media at the vote seemed to have any reasons beyond wanting to have easy holiday travel, cheap mobile phone access and, in a few cases, employment; despite not being fluent in another European language.

Not many of those in favour of remaining an EU state seem have read the Pan-European Manifesto of 1923 – the basis for current EU policies and thinking; even though much of its contents have been proved wrong by subsequent events. Similarly not many voters seem interested in the aims of the Five Presidents’ Report of 2015 and so are unaware of its implications for Britain in just a few years time.

In fact the most serious and far-reaching assessments of the strategy behind the actions of the EU’s political leaders seem to have come from the independence side via MEPs, investigative journalists and analysts. For example this quote from Christopher Story (1938-2010) makes a bold statement about the sort of future that EU activists have planned for us  ..

.. European Union structures are engaged in relentless low-level, but prospectively terminal, secret warfare against their constituent nation states, while posing as their benefactors. Under the guise of open-ended and ever-expanding ‘cooperation’ – the preferred weasel alibi of the penetrated British Foreign Office – the European Union is in practice engaged in wholesale collectivisation via relentless, open-ended regulation: the very essence of Communism.

Sadly there are still plenty in power in Britain who are either ignorant or deceitfully aware of the price citizens will have to pay for a future in a European super state controlled from Berlin. But for me it’s obvious ..