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Anti-Democracy Fifth Columns

The terrible events in Nice on Thursday night caused more feelings of shock and sadness here - just like the events in Paris did only a few months ago. And, as before, the best memorial to the victims must be to stop it happening again.

man9After the present three days of mourning European politicians need to act on a wide range of reforms. Ones aimed at strengthening social cohesion and protecting free speech while giving clear priorities to the police and stopping the abuses of the legal system. We cannot continue with a justice system that allows illegal acts to go unpunished or convicted criminals to claim special treatment just because they are from another country - no matter how bad that country might be.

To repeat Grandad’s posting from November 2015From now on we should only accept migrants on our terms. And only those citizens, residents or potential residents who are prepared to continue with, or convert to, our common values and norms should stay. Certainly we need no one with little gratitude for our shelter or who is contemptuous of our stupidity for giving aid to those who hate us.

Using English, treating men and women as equals and obeying our laws would be a good start. Hardly unreasonable requirements for living here - yet ones it seems that many object to. But why?

Look at it from the opposite view - why would anyone want to live in or move to a country if the people there had nothing in common? Very few Brits would even consider migration to, say, Zimbabwe or Azerbaijan. Why then move from a different culture to the British one? Is there nowhere with a compatible culture that is safe?

Most of the British empire disappeared because the people wanted independence and their own way of life. Now millions seem to want to leave their independent nations and move to Britain. Have the former colonies really declined so much since the days of empire?

The time has come to dump all forms of multiculturalism as desirable objectives - locking them away in the box of failed utopias never to be let out again. Allegiance to his country is the only culture that any patriot needs.

As long as these atrocities generate only hashtags and candles our bad situation will only get worse.

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Scotland Plans Annual RefFest

In response to the large scale public involvement generated by IndyRef 2014 and EuroRef 2016 plans are being prepared for Scotland to have a national referendum festival as a regular fixture in its cultural calendar.

Maynard-1A spokesperson said .. The increase in political activity and public meetings that a referendum brings has major financial spin-offs and benefits in many areas; with flag sales, beer sales and banner printing services showing particularly large increases. The introduction of our annual Referendum Festival (RefFest) could give Scotland the same level of benefits as the Oktoberfest brings not just to Munich but to the whole of Bavaria.

Their provisional festival timetable calls for IndyRef2 to be held in Glasgow during May 2017 with EuroRef2 planned for Edinburgh during May 2018. The subject for the 2019 referendum is much less clear at this stage but the sale of Shetland to Norway, Orkney to Iceland and the Restoration of the Kingdom of Fife are the most likely contenders.

However the organisers have admitted that they will need much more funding before they can take their plans any further. They hope to supplement their current crowd-funding efforts with grants from Tourism Scotland, loans from Deutschland Uber Alles and sales of whiskey to the EU Commission.

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100 Years On


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A Messy Divorce?

Less than a week on from the EU Referendum result but it certainly feels like a long time for UK politics. Change is everywhere.

So we meet again Mr BondTrue it was expected that the Conservative Party would soon need to elect a new leader - followed by a changed ministerial line-up. But much less expected was the internal revolt of their Labour opposite numbers and an opposition leader who kept refusing to go even when pushed - heavily. This resulting in Government problems - like the fall from grace of the Chancellor of the Exchequer - being pushed from the headlines by a Labour Party in melt-down.

Aside from the official Westminster political manoeuvers the week has been full of crazy schemes and rash statements; autonomy for London, unification for Ireland, Scotland to block the EU exit letter, English out as an official EU language, no voting rights for Grandads, etc, etc.

However the mood amongst our former EU political partners was no more tranquil - especially after MEP Nigel Farage turned up in Brussels to say I told you so.

Some EU members wanted an immediate UK divorce while others tried to goad the UK into action by saying that we lacked the guts to actually leave. However most seemed to want to make the British pay for their stupid desertion vote and for us to regret ever challenging the right of the Brussels elite to lead the European continent towards its promised Nirvana.

Now it looks like we are going to need a really-special special agent to make good our escape from Brussels in one piece. Things may get even worse before they get any better ... if that is even possible after England’s Euro 2016 football shambles on Monday.

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EU Referendum Vote

Juncker Cameron - What went wrong?No more opinion polls, banners, leaflets, meetings, speeches, debates, promises or threats about our choice of leaving or remaining in the European Union. Instead today we have the cold, hard results of yesterday’s vote and groups of dazed politicians wondering what happens next.

The published facts are -

LEAVE 17,410,742 Votes
REMAIN 16,141,241 Votes

Meaning that LEAVE wins by a majority of 1,269,501

So now there are 16 million voters who did not get the result they wanted. A situation where the activists in the loosing camp will be demanding recounts, reruns or to simply ignore the outcome.

Two knaves from the same packBut for those who make their living out of politics the result will directly effect their careers. Clearly all the UK MEPs - and their assistants - will have no future role in Brussels. And with over 70% of Westminster MPs backing Remain there are plenty who will have to rethink their positions. This is especially true for the leaders of the Conservative government and the Labour opposition who both pushed the Remain case.

The fact that Scotland voted to Remain will be good news for the SNP and has already lead to calls for a re-run of the Scottish independence vote.

Meanwhile poor Gibraltar has seen its huge vote to Remain swamped by the massive votes to leave in most of the English regions.

More developments are sure to follow very soon ... Lord Farage? ex-Prime Minister Cameron? ... Watch it on a TV channel near you.

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Poor_Britannia_EU Slaves

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Juncker President Leave

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Vive the Generalisimo-President

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Babel Eurozone Lifestyle

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